Sunday, November 13, 2011

Widgit 2

I love my new pets. They are called Widgets.If you own a blog and would like to get a widget click "get widget". Then click on what site ( it has options) you want your widget on. For fun with the wolf scroll over the more button and click on the surprise item that comes up. Then hold it up by the wolf and when he comes to smell it click three times. Also click on the moon. The wolf is the last widget so scroll down to visit him. The bat is cool too. Click on him and he will come swooping around. Then do as you did and scroll over the "more" button at the bottom and click on the surprise item them click around the box containing the bat. He will do something special. same with the turtle on top click on him and he will do something fun! Same thing with the "more" button and all so have fun with my widgets! Also make sure to visit my beautiful, wonderful, awesome, creative, kind, helpful, and extremely smart sister Chickee at Thanks and please leave a comment!
P.S the website name is a link so just click on it!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Solar Wolf,

    Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing with your new pets. I hope I didn't feed them too much :o)