Monday, December 28, 2009

Chief with chicken

This is me solar wolf in the picture I have a chicken on my head as you can see I am pretty crazy at some times well to admit I am super crazy I also got to pet a skunk don't worry because the skunk did not spray me it felt like a paper air plane to me I got the idea when one of my grampa's did it and that's how I got the idea

the giant spooky adventre

this is solar wolf telling you about falling down a cliff but still being alive for you know I slipped on mud and fell in to a big bunch of trees so I had to wait for my dad so he told me not to move but I never stop moving but I still made it we were looking for garbage can lid's I don't know why we found two but we let one go and my dad told me when we got home would anyone like to go on a trail and I said sure my sister said no thanks so me and dad got a snack and left to go on the trail we went through sleepy hollow where the headless horse man lives every Halloween at midnight or past midnight at a full moon he come out of his grave me and my dad got past sleepy hollow and had to climb a giant mountain and my dad had to cut through the weeds and a long walk home the trail was five whole miles it was snowing so I got a little bit hungry even know I ate some snow flakes when I got home I took off all my equipment and started to work with my drill and drill hole and when I was finished I played i little air hockey

Friday, December 11, 2009

the turkey from the west

there was a turkey from the west. He was the size of a mouse. He is a wild turkey with pointy teeth and a giant appetite. He can takes karate lessons.It was the day of thanksgiving and people were hunting turkeys. One found him. The turkey saw him.He came close and chopped off his leg.Then all the people saw him. the turkey chopped off all of their legs and won the war. the story you just read was made by me solar wolf it was close to thanksgiving when I made this story I made it at school not home

Sunday, December 6, 2009

dead mole photos

this is the dead mole me and my dad found at a house when we were getting wood it looks like spekles from g force it was a real live mole I think the peploes dog pulled the mole out and got zapped by the sun

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am hoping to get poke'mon cards for chistmas I like poke'mon cards because they have superpowers and are animal's my favorite poke'mon is ridnonit is the best it's power is fury attack