Sunday, November 13, 2011

Widgit 2

I love my new pets. They are called Widgets.If you own a blog and would like to get a widget click "get widget". Then click on what site ( it has options) you want your widget on. For fun with the wolf scroll over the more button and click on the surprise item that comes up. Then hold it up by the wolf and when he comes to smell it click three times. Also click on the moon. The wolf is the last widget so scroll down to visit him. The bat is cool too. Click on him and he will come swooping around. Then do as you did and scroll over the "more" button at the bottom and click on the surprise item them click around the box containing the bat. He will do something special. same with the turtle on top click on him and he will do something fun! Same thing with the "more" button and all so have fun with my widgets! Also make sure to visit my beautiful, wonderful, awesome, creative, kind, helpful, and extremely smart sister Chickee at Thanks and please leave a comment!
P.S the website name is a link so just click on it!

Friday, November 11, 2011


  • wiget check solar wolf out. He's trained. He howls,sits,and eats. He's getting a friend.So if you like him play with him all you want. But watch out he bites.And make sure to give him the teabone or else he'll get mad!Mixture of random word thingys crazy highlighted words. Well that's it.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The babies

these are my ten new chicks their names are Acauna, Dove , fluffy 2, Mrs pool 2, Furry, and I think nutcracker but I don't know. My chicks have grown because this was when they first hatched.If you think they are cute and want to send a comment send one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my zumwhere

hi my few days were the greatest days of my life today my sister got me a zumwhere
she has a blog you might have known it is called Chickie chats you might want to go see it

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009

Chief with chicken

This is me solar wolf in the picture I have a chicken on my head as you can see I am pretty crazy at some times well to admit I am super crazy I also got to pet a skunk don't worry because the skunk did not spray me it felt like a paper air plane to me I got the idea when one of my grampa's did it and that's how I got the idea

the giant spooky adventre

this is solar wolf telling you about falling down a cliff but still being alive for you know I slipped on mud and fell in to a big bunch of trees so I had to wait for my dad so he told me not to move but I never stop moving but I still made it we were looking for garbage can lid's I don't know why we found two but we let one go and my dad told me when we got home would anyone like to go on a trail and I said sure my sister said no thanks so me and dad got a snack and left to go on the trail we went through sleepy hollow where the headless horse man lives every Halloween at midnight or past midnight at a full moon he come out of his grave me and my dad got past sleepy hollow and had to climb a giant mountain and my dad had to cut through the weeds and a long walk home the trail was five whole miles it was snowing so I got a little bit hungry even know I ate some snow flakes when I got home I took off all my equipment and started to work with my drill and drill hole and when I was finished I played i little air hockey